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Local Online And Offline Networking For Business Owners And Keen Networkers

Linked Online as the name suggests brings together people from the same area. Online networking is fragmented. LinkedIn for example lumps everyone together in the same place regardless of where in the world you are.

So it’s much more difficult to build relationships with those you can actually meet.

So the concept began when Pam Case and Ian Denny created a WhatsApp chat group to bring together people from the same area. The theory being that if people get to know each other online, it will break the ice and lead to people buying from each other.

The idea was to create a relaxed and informal online chat group. And because everyone is from the same area, complement that with a regular gathering.

But LinkedIn is very much part of the equation. It’s a professional network. So why not take it one stage further Pam and Ian thought, and encourage people to connect with each other there too?

So they created a list of everyone’s LinkedIn profile – a central place if you like – for people to interconnect on LinkedIn too.

The Challenge And The Opportunity

What happened exactly when it was launched? Well, very quickly indeed the original theory that people would buy from each other was confirmed. People simply introducing themselves in the group often generated enquiries there and then.

Also, people began to forge relationships and trust, and saw the chat group as a great place to look for suppliers with frequent “shout outs” asking if anyone in the group offered a particular product or service.

Now here was the challenge! How could Ian and Pam categorise everyone in the groups so people could quickly find someone offering a service they sought?

And that’s why the Linked Online website was born. Broken down into regions, you can search much more easily and find who you want.

Teaming up with Nadeem Ansari, you are currently reading the website he helped Pam and Ian to create.