Flight Bags and Flip Top Bins

“If I were Prime Minister, I would put two pence on the price of a flip top bin – because I don’t like them”. Do you know who said that?

“Kitty” played by actor Patricia Routledge – in her regular slot on Victoria Woods’ comedy show.
Kitty’s banal chatter used to send me into peals of laughter.

De-cluttering my mother-law’s over-hoarded house recently, Kitty came to mind as I dragged two binbags from the bottom of a cupboard and discovered the contents.

TWENTY SEVEN flight bags gifted to business or first class flight customers.

Each beautiful cosmetic bag still intact with the original goodies. Toothbrush and paste, skincare sets, eye masks, socks, shoeshine and sewing kits, perfume, aftershave, manicure sets, mirrors, brushes, flannels … the list goes on.

All manner of toiletries & perfumes from Gucci, Molten Brown, Armani, Clarins, etc.

Unnecessary. Landfill clutter.
Plastic straws, stirrers and cotton buds are banned from sale in the UK in 2020 and I imagined Kitty saying …

“If I were Prime Minister …. I’d ban those because – because I care about the environment!”

Got a favourite Victoria Wood quote?

How could airlines do promotional freebies in a more environmentally friendly way?

What would you ban next with our planet in mind?

Written by Pam Case
Building great relationships, that lead to sales, between you and your target market. I’m also a LinkedIn expert - I teach people how to use every button, whistle and bell on their profile to find their target market, connect with them, and turn them into customers. I also run LinkedOnline the expanding UK network of localised free online and offline networking groups together with Ian Denny.