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Helping business owners attract clients through LinkedIn without the hard sell.

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Helping business owners gently attract clients through LinkedIn. Some of the best enquiries are from people who feel comfortable approaching you.

It starts with your strategy – who do you want to reach? And then it’s about what you say, and how you say it.

I help you become the correct version of yourself on LinkedIn through either my online clubs or simply doing it all for you as a business owner.Author of “LinkedIn Secrets: How To Crack The Human Algorithm” and “How To Write A LinkedIn Post That Gets You Noticed”, you will get my expertise in a way that suits you.

As a low cost member of one of my groups, or, as a retained service where me and my team work directly with you to build your profile, connections, following, audience, and ultimately enquiries and sales.

Find out more here:

So what exactly is the secret to success on LinkedIn? If there was one tip I would say is more important than anything, it is learning to “be yourself”.

That means finding the right, conversational tone that gets your posts busy.

The guides you can download on the site will help you make huge progress without even needing somebody like me and our team.

Those who are busy however may wish to get in touch – call me on +44 (0)7982 417610 or WhatsApp me by tapping here from your phone:

Or simply visit the site and download your guides to doing it all by yourself:

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Social Proof Ltd

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Managing Director

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Liverpool, United Kingdom



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