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Training Unlimited/Solutions to Care- a one stop solution for all your training needs

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Training Unlimited is the go-to training consultancy that offers a unique service to fulfil your training objectives. Our aim is to be accessible to everyone, working with clients based on their needs, not their budgets. We strive to recommend the best options for you, by using our experience within the training industry to ensure your learning experience with us, is the best it can be. We have a proven track record of delivering successful and customised learning solutions that have achieved real added value for our clients since 2003. Our programmes are delivered when and where you want them in the UK and we will work in partnership with you to customise and deliver the solution that best fits your ways of working.

Today we are still 100% client focused, providing a HR solution to comprehensively outsource the administration and procurement of training. Our unique approach to training administration is unlike any solution provided by a training company or broker.​
Our primary aim is to improve our clients business performance through the effective management of their training.

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Training Unlimited

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Training Consultancy

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