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“Schloop”…the rabbit magically appears from the hat.It’s damned annoying isn’t it? How everyone seems to be magically finding clients from LinkedIn. You want that too – but you don’t know how.Want to fix that once and for all in 3 hours? I’ll teach you the key lessons that double your returns – and more – if you apply them.  Isn’t it worth 3 hours and less than £200 so you can get exponentially more back for your efforts?Let me show you how to build your brand awareness. How to gather the right audience and help them grow a great relationship with you and your brand – and then how to take it offline where sales really happen – without being salesy.Well I can come and teach you and your staff exactly how to leverage the fantastic free platform that is Linked In, or you can book a 121 session with me – face to face or remotely.I love helping people get greater brand awareness and more business from LinkedIn. I generally like people and like helping them full stop! That’s my ‘why’.Check out the recommendations on my LinkedIn Profile – that should tell you enough about my reputation and what I can do for you. When you’ve done that – call or drop me an e-mail, or call 0782 8899241.

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