Too Busy For Networking? How NOT To Be Forgotten

If you haven’t networked in a WhatsApp group before, you may be tempted to leave the group for several reasons:

1) It pings away and annoys the hell out of you

2) You don’t know what to say

3) You don’t see the point in it

But most likely, you are just far too busy. Especially as the groups we run are deliberately nurtured to be relaxed, friendly and some would say pointlessly trivial.

The wise and experienced networker however will realise why it’s done this way. People buy people.

Staying in the group creates opportunities. There are regular “shout outs” in the group. They are mostly business owners.

People who need things for their business. Being at least occasionally active drives those opportunities. Yes you will be listed on this website too so people can find you.

But it’s important also to be remembered for what you do. Announcing it once and then vanishing may not achieve that. So…


How NOT To Be Forgotten:


Tactic 1 – Mute The Group

Instead of it becoming an annoyance, Mute the group.

When you are in the group, hit the 3 dots top right.

Select Mute Notifications.

In the Android version, you can then choose 8 hours, 1 week or 1 year.

This way, you will not get the pings or pop-ups.

But you will not miss anything. It just means it won’t disturb you until you are ready to tune in.

And this is the first step toward being remembered. You will not get annoyed to the point you simply leave the group and the opportunities.

Tactic 2 – It Takes Less Time Than You Think

Commit To 20 Minutes A Week As A Minimum

This can be a time of your choosing. Whichever day you want. Whether that’s morning, evening or during that day is entirely up to you.

But don’t just read everything you’ve missed. In fact, if you are busy, scroll right down to the bottom. And maybe just focus on the topic of the moment.

Join in. Reply to a comment. Or add your own thoughts.

If however nobody has said anything for a while, consider starting a conversation. Ask a question. Share what’s happening in your world.

If you’re stuck for something to say, look at point 3 (Professional Networker Tip – Start The Conversation) in 9 Ways To Get The Most From Linked Online.

Check In Every Day For 5-10 Minutes At Least

Again, at a time to suit you. That way, you are networking two-ways. You get to know the others in the group much more.

You don’t always need to say anything, but when you do, you are investing in being remembered for that moment somebody needs precisely what you offer.

You also reduce the chances of you missing any shout outs for the services you offer.

Check In And Out Throughout The Day

Again, this takes less time than you think. It reduces the chances of you missing out on an opportunity.

But it also increases the chances of you being seen as a positive networker. You can join conversations.

Don’t forget that it isn’t all about what you can get from it. Networking is about giving and sharing advice too. So if somebody asks a question you can answer – contribute.

Helping others makes you part of the community and almost certainly remembered.

And remember, having WhatsApp open on your desktop saves oodles of time – find out here: How WhatsApp Can Positively Impact Your Business

Tactic 3 – Networking By Osmosis

You don’t need to sell what you do. You just need to be part of the gang – whether that’s weekly, daily or more often as you fit it into your working day.

Through those conversations, people pick up what you do. So mostly, in the groups, avoid pitching. However…

When new people join – pitch yourself in an introduction.

People they also get to know you through scheduled networking hours – join in as many of those as you can. And at the beginning of those, we encourage you to pitch what you do in an introduction there too.

And just launching, every Friday morning, we encourage everyone to re-introduce themselves with a pitch. And if you’re late, that’s okay too.

Tactic 4 – Compound The Effect – Part 1

So far, we’ve focused on the WhatsApp group. That’s because it’s the main outlet for busy networkers. You can do all of this from your sofa, your desk or on the move.

But you can combine your LinkedIn activity too. That’s why we encourage you to visit the Members Directory and connect with everyone else on LinkedIn too.

And two ways. First, post in OnlineOffline – the group on LinkedIn most of the members are also part of.

You can say what you want there about your business.

Secondly, post links to your LinkedIn posts. Not everyone in the group will take part, but some may. But if you have also connected with the others on LinkedIn, many will see your post in their newsfeed.

Tactic 5 – Compound The Effect – Part 2

So we’ve covered the WhatsApp group. And LinkedIn. That’s the online side of networking covered.

An even more powerful compounding effect is meeting everyone for real. This is only a commitment of one evening per month.

Putting a face to a name, in the flesh, makes a huge difference.

Going at least once is recommended. But as often as you can moreso.

That way, you meet people for the first time. Then on each visit, you get to catch up with people you met before, as well as meeting new people each time.
And remember also – you meet people from other groups that you may not have otherwise met, expanding your reach way beyond the group you are in now.

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And That’s It – How To Be Remembered For Busy People